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*** Happy Krishnastami ***. *** WELCOME BACK TO TEACHERSNEED.COM ***. * New Dearness Allowance to the State Government Employees & Teachers GO No 297 Issued & Copy Available in Latest Updates *. * Those who are going to retire within two years from 1st July of the year shall not be shifted until and unless the incumbent requests for such transfer *. * The service in all categories of posts rendered in a school prior to and after up-gradation/bifurcation in respect of upgraded/bifurcated schools shall be counted for the purpose of calculating the completion of 8 years of service *. * A Message Contribution from East Godavari Teachers : As Per GO MS No 129, Dated : 17/04/2010 of 9th Pay Revision Commission, All Employees/Teachers are Eligible to Claim LODGING ALLOWANCE Up To RS. 300/200/150 along with TA/DA. But No Teacher Has Been Ever Paid a Single Rupee for Attending SSC SPOT VALUATION. Demand For Lodging Allowance During SSC Spot - 2012 *. * CANDIDATES SHOULD QUALIFY TET TO WRITE DSC 2012 - CLARIFICATION FROM EDN MINISTER *. * APPSC Dept Test Results of Language Test Paper Code 37 Announced - Copy Available in Latest Updates *. * APPSC Dept Test Results of GOT Paper Codes 88 & 97 Announced - Copy Available in Latest Updates *. * Providing free Uniforms to the students - Instructions Issued - Information Available in Latest Updates *. * The Brief Notification pertaining to the Departmental Tests for May 2012 Is Issued - Copy Available in Latest Updates *. * Teachers Alert : Again Monthly Promotions of HM/SA Cadres May Not Be Given on ADHOC Basis. The Dept Has No Intension To Give Promotions on ADHOC Basis. The Authorities of C&DSE, Hyd Say that No ADHOC in Monthly Promotions Unless they are Directed by the Govt *. * EDN MINISTER – Teachers Whose Results Decrease In SSC – 2012 Will Be Transferred To Remote Area. Increments Of HMs And Teachers Will Be Stopped ??? *. * A Msg Contribution from KNR Teachers – Teaching Means, Teaching Behavior, Culture, Moral, Individuality, Leadership, Developing Interests, Civilization, Making Child To Mature, Skills, Awareness, Knowledge, Responsibility, Many More.., But Not Only Getting Good Marks In SSC Exams. Students Have Not Been Tested In Any Of The Above Qualities. One Should Understand That Teachers Are Not Here Simply To Make Students To Get Good Marks In The Exams, Teachers Responsibility Is More Than That. Please Think ! *. * NOTIFICATION FOR RECRUITMENT OF PRINCIPALS, POST GRADUATE AND TRAINED GRADUATE TEACHERS -2012 FOR MODEL SCHOOLS Issued - Copy Available in Latest Updates *. * Construction of Rest Rooms for Girls in High Schools GO RT 59 Issued - Copy Available in Latest Updates *. * DSC-Notification Jan 2012 Dist Wise Vacancies - Copy Available in Latest Updates *. * APDSC-Notification January 2012 Issued - Copy Available in Latest Updates *. * New DA GO MS No 25 Issued wef 1/7/2011 - Copy Available in Latest Updates *. * Highlights of JACTO Meeting with Hon’ble Education Minister, Director, Prl Secretary & MLCs *. * Having Intermediate is not Compulsory for Promotions *. * Same Qualification Rules of GO MS No 4 will be Applicable in Promotions *. * Govt Agreed to Give ADHOC Placements to Promotees *. * 3% PHC Reservation will be Given in Promotions *. * Common Date will be taken for Zonal Seniority *. * Only Thirty Percent Posts Filled by Direct Recruitment GO MS No 7 - Modified Orders Issued - Available in Latest Updates *. * The Andhra Pradesh Direct Recruitment for the posts of Teachers (Scheme of Selection) Rules, 2012 – GO MS No 4 – Issued - Available in Latest Updates *. * Supply of Sanitary Napkins to Govt Schools & KGBV Schools GO RT No 907 Issued - Available in Latest Updates *. * INCOME TAX DEPARTMENT - Tax Deduction Statements On Salaries & And Other Relevant Information Regarding IT for the Year 2011 - 2012 - Available In USEFUL PRG on Home Page *. * Recognized Hospitals New List of 603 Is Available in Medical Reimbursement on Home Page *. * PAs to Members of Legislative Council Amendment Orders Issued GO MS No 654 *. * Govt planning to fill 30% MEO posts by Direct Recruitment - Which Is Not Proper *. * Constitution of a State Level Screening and Procurement Committee for procurement of Teaching kits equipments activities GO MS No 825 Issued *. * Change in the Duration of the Dept Tests GO MS No 602 Issued *. * Constitution of State Level Committee for Employees Health Care GO MS No 329 Issued *. * Jawahar Bala Arogya Raksha School Health Refferal Guidelines GO MS No 319 - Copy In GO's *. * G.O.Ms.No. 42, Dated19-10-2011 - Providing reservation in promotions to the Differently Abled employees - Issued *. * GENERAL HOLIDAYS - OPTIONAL HOLIDAYS For the Year 2012 Announced - Please See in Paper Cuttings *. * G.O. Rt No. 757 - Revising the elementary cycle from Classes I to VII to classes I to VIII – Constitution of Committee – Orders Issued *. * THE HON’BLE APAT DIRECTED C & DSE, HYD TO NOTIFY ALL THE VACANCIES OF GHMS FILLED FROM SEPT, 2009 TO APR, 2011 IN THE ENSUING TRANSFER COUNSELING *. * Sanction Of Earned Leave And T.A.&D.A. To The Teachers Participated In CELT Training 30 Days – DEOs Are Requested to Furnish the Information through RC No. 371/E1-2/2011, Dated : 06/09/2011. *. * RVM Sanctioned VVs in the Place of Teachers Who are on Deputation or Maternity Leave through vide RC. No. 222/RVM(SSA)/B7/2011, Dated : 15/09/2011 *. * Teachers Unions Represented Principal Secretary to Up Grade all Pandits and PET Posts in High Schools – As New Posts Sanctioned Under RMSA *. * The Service Conditions and exemptions/ relaxations required for promotion as per Service Rules are applicable for the Appointments to the Scales Under AAS *. * An Employee Shall be eligible for Appointment to SPP-IB/SAPP-IB, if he is not eligible for Appointment to SPP-II Scale who has completed of the 24 Years Service *. * The Periodicity of AAS from 8/16/24 To 6/12/18/24 has been changed w.e.f 01/02/2010 and the other terms and conditions in GO.No:93 Finance (Pc.II) Dept Dt:20/05/2011 shall be continued *. * The Date of Normal Increment Date Continued after Sanction of SPP-IB/ SAPP-IB *. * AAS New Clarifications Memo No:023400-A/163/P.C.II/2011 Fin (P.C.II) Dept, Dt:09/09/2011 -*. * The Performance of Children in a Subject/Class Falls below 60%, The Class Teacher/Subject Teacher Shall be Recommended for Imposing Penalty - And Viewed as Misconduct Under Rule (9) of CCA Rules - As per G.O. Ms No 130 *. * As per RC 274/RVM/B2/11, Dated : 30/08/11, 1st to 8th Class Subject Teachers Have to Prepare Own Question Papers - Xerox Cost may be Met from School Grants *. * DSE Approved for Allotment of G.P.F Account Numbers to DSC - 2002, 2003, Spl VVs SC/ST/BC Untrained Teachers *. * IFSC - Indian Financial System Code, RTGS - Real Time Gross Settlement, PRAN - Permanent Retirement Account Number, PAN - Permanent Account Number *. * RVM Will Provide First Aid Medical Kits to 5765 Model Cluster Schools *. * MDM Reminder - Allow only Double Fortified Salt for Cooking in Schools - Which Contains Iodine & Iron *. * RVM Provides CWSN Friendly Toilets, Ramps, Escort Allowance, Corrective Surgeries, Phisio Therapy Camps to Physically Challenged (Disabled) in Schools for Children Even for One Student *. * HMs Attention Please - RVM/RMSA Grants Utilization is Must - Other Wise No Grants Will Be Released in Future, 1st Step - Get Resolutions to Draw the Amount & Purpose of Drawing, 2nd Step - Purchase the Material With the Group of 2/3 Teachers, 3rd Step - Make Entries in the Stock Reg, 4th Step - Update Cash Book, 5th Step - File All Bills With Numbering, 6th Step - Prepare UCs, 7th Step - Submit Only Xerox Copies of Vouchers - Keep Originals With You in the School *. * We have 9th Class English Medium Now in Success Schools - So Next Year After 10th ? - Central Govt is Planning Upto 12th Class Under RMSA From 2013 - 2014 *. * RVM is Exercising for the Recruitment of Teachers in Needy Districts to Ful-Fil the Norms of RTE *. * RVM Provides Escort Allowance Rs 150 per Month to the Disabled Children and Required Attendent to Bring them to Schools *. * As per No 60/RVM(SSA)/B-7/2011, Dated 11/07/11 Cell Phone Bill Charges to MEO - Rs 400, MRP(3) - Rs 250, School Complex HM - Rs 200 per month *. * C & DSE Clarified that Monthly Promotions to be Continued & had not Issued any Orders to Stop Promotions in any District *. * Govt Clarified that EOT(141) and Accounts Test for Subordinate Officers Paper - I & II are Not Equal, Means that Passing EOT is not Considered as Passing Accounts Test *. * Panchayat Raj Commissioner Instructed All ZP CEOs to Create Website - Provide online ZPPF Accounts Updated Information to All Employees - Before 31/08/2011 *. * All Teachers Handling Classes 6th to 8th Must Attend School Complex Meetings *. * MID DAY MEALS MENU : Mon - Sambar & Egg, Tue - Vegetables, Wed - Leafy Veg & Rasam, Thu - Sambar & Egg, Fri - Vegetables, Sat - Leafy Veg & Rasam *. * MID DAY MEALS MENU per each Student - PS : Rice 100gm, Pulses 20gm, Vegetables 50gm, Oil 5ml Total Cost Rs 3.84 - UPS : Rice 150gm, Pulses 30gm, Vegetables 75gm, Oil 7.5ml, Total Cost Rs 4.40. * Govt Plans to Issue Health Cards to Employees - 350 Hospitals - 938 Diseases - Monthly Contribution Gaz - Rs 120, Other Employees - Rs 90 - Total Budget Rs 350 Crores *. * RVM Issued Orders to Engage VVs in Urdu Medium Schools to Teach Telugu Language through Vide RC No 222/RVM/B7/2011 *. * RVM Sanctioned Computers & Computer Trainees to all Madarasas with Honorarium Rs 4000 per month *. All NGOs & Non Gazetted Teachers, Class IV Employees are Eligible for School Fee Reimbursement of their Children Irrespective of their Scale of Pay. * BANK ATM Inf : From 1st July, 2011 Onwards Only 5 free Transactions (including Balance Verification) Allowed on Other Bank ATMs – Above 5 will be Charged *. * SGT AAS Scales ( GO No 96 ) 6-Years : 11530 – 33200 * 12-Years : 14860 – 39540 * 18-Years : 14860 – 39540 ( Same Scale as 12 Yrs But Increment Will Be added ) * 24-Years : 18030 – 43630 *. * Junior Most In The School Means That Junior Most In That Cadre In That School As Per Proc of C & DSE, Hyd Rc No 1640/D2-1/2002 Dated : 08/05/2002 *. * Paternity Leave Can Be Availed Either Before 15 Days Or Within 6 Months From The Date Of Delivery As Per The Circular Memo No 20129 – C/454/FR.1/10 of Finance Dept *. Women Employees Allowed Medical Reimbursement Up To 2 Deliveries With 2 Living Children And For Tubectomy – GO 74 Dated 15/03/05. Special Pay to Primary School HM : Rs 75 – UPS HM : Rs 100 – SGT & LP for Handling Higher Classes : Rs 100 – HM of single teacher school : Rs 50 as per GO Ms No 118, Dated 07/04/10. SGTs are Eligible for LFL HM Promotion Without Any Additional Qualification So Passing PAT is not Necessary to Get 12/18 Years Scales. RVM Sanctioned VV : Primary School - Up to 60 = 2 Tchrs/VV 61 to 90 = 3 Tchrs/VV and UPS (6th & 7th) Up to 40 = 2 Tchrs/VV 41 to 120 = 4 Tchrs/VV : RC No 222 Dt 8/07/11. As per Memo 7679/SER-II/A2-10/11 All HMs are instructed to create one Extra Column in Admission Register to Enter Child’s Mother Name. School Complex may be Re-organised Based on Teachers Strength Keeping In View of Recent Rationalisation. NCTE Instructions to the States to Conduct 6 Months Inservice Training Prg at DIETs to Primary School Teachers Having B. Ed and Joined on or after 3-9-2001. SPD Instructions to DEOs to Fill MRP Vacancies from MRP Panel List. Teachers Who Wish to Go Abroad Like US or UK Can Prefer Special Education Courses for Bright Chances. Employees & Teachers Can Surrender any time 15 ELs (12 months gap) 30 ELs (24 months gap). School Grants Released PS SG Rs 5000 TG Rs 500 UPS SG Rs 7000 TG Rs 500 PS & UPS MG Rs 5000 Up To 3 Rooms Rs 10000 Above 3 Rooms. Vacancies In Education Dept MEOs 800 DEOs 17 Dy EOs 100 DIET LEC 130. WELCOME to TEACHERSNEED.COM.
RESPOND PLEASE (Click here)...!!!
head master is an administrator. he has to recruit vidyavolunteers. he can recruit only one for one post but all other contenders get dissatisfaction.similarly contact works in civil works, mid day meals......so many.like this hm decisions satisfy one and dissatisfy many.hm also work with local politicians like mpdo, sarpanch etc hm has to play politics and it is very difficult to mingle with them. there is a lot of chances that hm also corrupt as he mingles with politicians. any how teachers stay a maximum of 8 years,if hm also stay therre is a chance to get friction between teacher and hm. some time hm will be biosed to some teachers also.so hm should not stay in a school for not more than 4 years.many hms get their promotions with less than 8 years.therefore they dont leave that place till retirement.it means a hm can stay maximum 10 years and in some cases it is 11 or 12 years also.i feel it is in justice so amaximum of 4 years stay has to be introduced for all hms.since it is gazetted post it should be considered.SO I REQUEST A MAXIMUM OF 4 YEARS STAY SHOULD BE THERE FOR ANY HMTO GET BENEFITS OF ALL INCLUDING VILLAGE AND SCHOOL
  Dear Union Office Bearers ! Your attention is invited on this issue.
sir after introducing monthly promotions,teachers are facing problems now or near future.unfortunate thing is many teachers are not know it because they dont know the intensity and they are not going to face it immediately. because of this system introduced by govt and encouraged by unions ,there is no movement in this regard. i explain the problems. 1.teachers who are working at remote areas can not move from their places.not only those teachers all other teachers. 2. for any counselling , there will not be vacancies except 2 or 3 which are vacant a month back. 3.some teachers are trying to exclude their names , since good place is not available. for that they are doing wrong things. 4.if a vacancy happends in girls school and no lady teacher available in promotion list, then who gets it?if a lady teacher available at 5th position, then 4 male teachers will become juniors to her. 5.after completion of 8 years service a situation may occur in a way so that there will not be any places to move the teacher who completes 8 years service. 6.even though ap tribunal ordered govt to show the places filled in promotions in last 2 years , govt is not doing it because unions are not demanding this issue properly. poonam malakondayya implemented these rules properly and made rules in a very systematic way but deviation made because of some body( i dont know), which is not good. a very interesting fact is that even though it is a serious problem, teachers are not coming to fight for it. any person lives with hope,but this system killed the hope.we dont who gets good place and who gets bad place, it is all luck and more than that manipulation the things i hope.this method finally gives no importantce to seniority. IF ANYBODY WANTS TO SPEAK REG CAN CALL ME ON 9849701749
  Hon'ble Principal Secretary to the Govt of Andhra Pradesh, Sir ! Your attention is invited on this issue. It’s highly in justice to all teachers. Transfer Counseling System will be collapsed soon with this. Please think on this issue and respond positively.
sir, do fight the service seniortu weightage incriments for senior teachers..... t.ratna kalyan SA(b.s) .govt high school avanigadda. krishna dt. 9490717796
  Dear Union Office Bearers ! Your attention is invited on this issue.
Hon'ble directer sir. Sir 'BHASHA PANDITULAKU PROMOSIONS LAKU VERE S.G.T VALLAKU UNNATLU CHANCE LEDU. ONLY SUBJECT PAI VACHHE PROMOSION PAINE ADARAPADALI. S.G.T KI ALAKADU 2 SUBJECTLO CHANCE UNTTUNDI. VALLU M.A LO SUB..CHESI paditulaku pomotionki mundunttunnaru. Pandithulu subjectpai training chesaru kavuna mundu priference panduthulaku evvadi plz.. Etlu: Satyam. Banswada.dt@nzb
  Dear Satyam, We display your request/opinion for open debate.
namaskaram sir, pls think sir ie...physical sciences SA created in 2002: this SA r teaching now physical sciences from viii to x and also maths teaching class vi & vii...BUT WHAT IS JUSTICE ??? SA (P S ),maths teaching class vi & vii... SA maths TEACHING ONLY VIII TO X MATHS IT NOT JUSTICE ??? PLS THINK,,,
  Dear Teachers, Shall we accept and agree with Mr Puli Raju's feelings ?
I'm Prasad working as S.G.T. in M.P.U.P.School,R.V.Palli,Krishna District. Latest orders from government is "they will provide vidya volenteers if U.P section roll is above 40". It is not correct.Because to teach in the U.P section there is a minimum of two pandits and two school assistants(or S.G.T's) required. But in so many scholls there is 0 to 30 roll in U.P. section. By the G.O. of Govt. there is no necessary of volenteers in that schools.Students in that schools are suffering by the lack of faculty.Then why the Govt. is not merging that U.P.section to the nearby High schools? Is it possible to teach all the subjects and languages to 6th and 7th class by the two teachers? Is it the correct form of education to the children? Please solve this problem by taking this problem to the view of higher authorities. Thank you.
  Hon'ble Director Sir ! Your Attention Please., teachersneed.com agrees with Mr Prasads feelings and facts which he mentioned. It is requested to modify rationalisation guide lines to arrange subject wise teachers atleast in upper primary schools and high schools in the light of RTE ACT.
  Hon'ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Sir ! Your attention is invited on this issue. Its highly in justice to them. Against to law of equality.
when are they providing vidya volunteers in high schools bcoz in our school ZPHS raipole,, Ibrahimpatan there is no sufficient staff by which we are facing much problem contact no is 9440874649
  Hon'ble Director Sir, Your Attention Please !! Not only one school but there are many schools suffering with the same problem !!!
  Hon'ble Director Sir ! Your Attention Please.,
in high school all teachers sharing work to run school, but ssc duty get only senior teacher& he got ELS every year, remaining teachers sharing different works but do not benifit, it is justice?
  Respected Union Officer Bearers ! Attention Please..,
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